Wise Consulting Co., Ltd. is one of the best consulting team for enterprise information system in China. We entered China in 2002 and are dedicated to provide Chinese enterprises with world- leading consulting and delivery solutions to management and techniques. WISE has various SAP verifications and our consultant team is one of those with the most SAP PA verifications in China. In the past 10 years, WISE has served more than 100 enterprise customers in China and is always growing with our customers.

In consulting delivery, the service we provide to customers includes enterprise information construction planning, management process consulting, ERP implementation, CRM implementation, enterprise portable application development, SRM software customization and implementation, BW & BO data warehouse establishment and development, and implementation of SAP solutions (HANA, SAP Cloud, Solution Manager, XI, BPC, BPM, Workflow). With the base of WISEis on the base of years’ consulting experience and become SAP Laboratory (Labs) specified SAP rapid deployment solution (RDS) supplier.

Besides offering the consultation for SAP implementation service, the technology research and development team of WISE also find the independent technical product Wise One with independent intellectual property rights during our customer service cases, Wise One including: E-commerce sites platform, hosting the mobile trading platform and marketing promotion, company public opinion monitoring system, company security monitoring system, simple invoicing system, retail POS system, the bank direct system, bar code automatic identification system, etc.



Global vision, local achievement; Western thinking pays attention to detail to the whole, Eastern thinking focuses on overall derived from details. We learn the advanced modern western management theory and technology, to the Chinese transfer Europe and rigorous methodology and the secret of success; At the same time, we pay close attention to in-depth analysis of Chinese business environment and the trend of development, learning from others, to share the success of domestic top 100 companies, point a light heart for more exploration in small and medium-sized companies.


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Wise focused on professional competence, After many years of accumulation, Get a lot of professional qualification and it’s also one of the consulting company who through professional certification of SAP, including:


SAP consulting project partner

SAP ERP rapid deployment solution for authentication

SAP certification of high-tech industry solution

SAP certification of the retail industry solution

SAP certification of the manufacturing industry solution

SAP certification of the chemical industry solution

SAP certification of PCOE operation

ARIS process management software agent partner

Microsoft development platform partner

Motorola mobile identification solutions